In the name of ALLAH, The Most Merciful, The Most Beneficent

A religious practice which is not based on Quran or Sunnah, regardless
of how beneficial it is, will only result in the deprivation of ALLAH’s blessings.

                                         Amulets / Taweez                                 


Verily, the best words are those of ALLAH; the best guidance is that of Muhammad ; the worst matters {of creed or worship} are those innovated {by people}; for, every such innovated matter is a bidah; and every bidah is a misguidance that shall reside in the fire.


Conduct a random search of the necks of most present day Muslims, the majority will be wearing a paper talisman, miniature Quran, rosary, thread or small razor, etc. They apparently believe these charms will avert bad luck evil spirits, illness, etc. These talismans, threads, potions and their likes have not been sanctioned by the Holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم )

Abdullah bin Masood reports that I have heard the Holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم ) saying that blowing (dum), taweez (talismans), threads and potions are all shirk.

[Mishkaat Sharif]


Esa Bin Hamza (Rahimahullah) says, I visited Abdullah Bin Akeem (Rahimahullah) during his sickness; he was suffering from a sickness called "Hamra". I asked him why he was not wearing the talisman that was meant for the sickness specifically. He replied, "May ALLAH save me from the talisman. The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) has said: whoever hangs anything he will be entrusted to that thing only”.  [Abu Dawood, Mishkat, Tirmizi]



The word talisman comes from the Arabic word, tilsam which itself comes from the Greek word telos which means to consecrate or to initiate into the mysteries. A talisman can be defined as,

"An object that has apparently magical or miraculous effects and that can avert misfortune and bring good fortune when acquired".



According to Dr. J. Knappert, the word ‘amulet’ was originally derived from the Greek word ‘amylon’ meaning ‘food’, which were offered at places where ‘spirits’ were thought to pass, in order to please them and avoid their harm. [An Encyclopaedia of Myth and Legend – African Mythology].

 The word ‘amulet’ in the English language has been defined as: “An object, either natural or man-made, believed to be endowed with special powers to protect or bring good fortune... amulets are thought to derive power from their connection with natural forces, from religious associations, or from being made in a ritual manner at a favorable time.” [The New Encyclopaedia Britannica (15th Edition 1991)]



The word taweez is an Urdu rendering of the Arabic word ‘ta’weedh’ which is another word used for tameemah. A tameemah can be defined as an object which is hung  on someone or something with the belief that it has the power to repel harm or bring about good fortune. Therefore the words taweez and tameemah are often translated as  amulet, charm or talisman.


The reality today is that most taweez which are sold to unaware victims contain things which no layman can decipher! These taweez contain numbers, grids, letters, diagrams, symbols, etc. which are all based on the practices of magicians and Cabbalists.  In some cases, taweez have been found to contain supplications to other than ALLAH, such as Angels, Prophets and even Jinns!  Not only is this ascribing partners to ALLAH - as none can answer supplications except HIM -  but it also bears likeness to the taweez used by the Pre-Islamic Arabs and people of other religions who call upon ‘spirits’ to achieve their goals!


Cabbala vs. Islamic Taweez

          As mentioned, the taweez is used by people of various faiths, and the resemblances between the taweez of different cultures and creeds can be striking at times; it also points to the common source of this practise (i.e. shaytaan).

 A Celebrity Wearing a Taweez


The concept of Numbers having powers came back from ancient Egyptian magicians. They used to believe every number has its power. Today WICCA is also based on it. But in our religion ISLAM, we don’t have space for all this 


                             Kaballah Amulet                    Muslim Taweez

Note: The Muslim amulet (right) contains the first ayah from Surah an-Nasr (110), mentions salah upon the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) and is then followed by letters and symbols. The numbers in the grid match the numbers in the cabbala amulet(left) exactly.




                     Kaballah Amulet                          Muslim Taweez


Note:The similarity between both the amulets is clear.


Taweez Containing Quranic Verses

Many put forth the argument that the Quran itself proclaimed itself as a cure and healer. The answer to this is that the cure is not in hanging it around the neck but by using it as shown to us by ALLAH and His Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم). The Quran would be a healer and cure if it is read with understanding, benefiting from its contents and decorating the actions sincerely with the noble characteristics as shown in it. Honey has been called a cure in the Quran itself, but surely no one goes around carrying a bottle of honey around one's neck all the time. Similarly, the doctor's pharmacopeia contains all the cures but a sick person would not dare carry it around his neck for cure purposes. It is for such persons that the Holy Quran has said:


And most of them believe not in Allah without associating (others as partners) with Him.



Then along with the devilish mumbo-jumbo, Quran is also written in the taweez and he hangs it up when he maybe in a state of impurity, in a state of minor or major impurity, and he never shows any respect towards it or keeps it away from other things.




Here are few points which will expose the reality behind these taweez (either numeral or quranic verses) :

  • Every taweez has entities / jinn attached to it. They serve as slaves to that taweez. And in this way they possess you and can play with your psyche too.

  • These entities relieve you from a certain illness or problem for a while. For example, if you get scared at night, these jinns will deal with other jinns around you so that they should not bother you but they are allowed to live with you. You are also like a magnet for other entities if you are wearing any taweez. They are attached with you protecting you from smaller problems but in the longer run creating a bigger problem. Or maybe putting you in a lifetime of SHIRK.

  • After an appointed time they start troubling you themselves so that you would go back to the peer / healer (considering the fact that your previous problem was solved by the taweez given by the healer).

  • The most dangerous part is that there are cases in which a healer sends his jinns with the client to his house to make a truce, pact or deal with the jinns already residing there. The deal is to ask the previous jinns to leave the client alone for sometime, hence creating an illusion that the client is healed. Jinns from both parties (i.e jinns sent by a magician and jinns sent by a healer) reside with the client together. The client's faith in the healer increases and he bestows the healer with gifts and money.After sometime the jinns are allowed to bother the client again, making the client run back to the healer. This process continues for a lifetime. This deal is only possible if the jinns possessed by the healer are stronger than the ones already present with the client in his house.Alternatively, if the healer's jinns are not stronger than the ones already present, a fatal war begins. The war is so intense that the client can  go into coma or in extreme situations die.Many people have been victims to this phenomenon. ALLAH forgive us!


People do argue that they took their family to a certain peer/ healer and he got healed or they took their infertile wife and after receiving the taweez they were blessed with a child. What they fail to realize is that cures are not possible without the will of ALLAH. It was already written that the wife would have a child one day, but the real test was which path will the couple adopt to seek the cure, the right path or the wrong path.


 No misfortune can happen on Earth or in your souls but is recorded in a decree before WE bring it into existence: That is truly easy for ALLAH" [57:22]



"Your destiny is defined, but the path has yet to be chosen. It could be ALLAH's path or Satan's path."


“Say: ‘Who can guard and protect you in the night or in the day from the (punishment of the) Most Gracious (ALLAH)?’ Nay, but they turn away from the remembrance of their Lord.

 (Al-Anbiya’: 42)


Finally, ALLAH has not left us without alternatives to the taweez, there are in-fact many types of permissible and even recommended means of seeking protection, treating illnesses and attaining good fortune mentioned in the Qur’an and authentic  Sunnah, such as: Ruqyah, good deeds and prophetic medicines.




Would you ever dare take the Quran to the bathroom? Would you ever like to hold it while watching tv, engaging in gossip, telling lies? Or do you claim to be clean from all filth and sins 24 hours a day. If the whole Quran can’t be taken into the bathroom then a single verse, or a single word, or a single letter of Quran can’t be taken. Every big or small part of Quran holds the same value and respect and no human, scholar or healer can ever justify such degradation and insult of the Quran.


If wearing an ayat of Quran can save a person from all harm, then why can’t a whole Quran just lying their in our closets protect our whole house from harm. If a thief with a gun in his hand was to enter your house would you just stand there with your eyes closed because the Taweez will protect you or would you take action. Most certainly you will take action even if it is just to hide. Why entrust your trust into something that can’t even protect itself. Why not entrust your faith and trust in ALLAH who is awake even when you are asleep, who is watching when your eyes are closed.


Families are being murdered, girls are being raped, women are being robbed and burnt etc. What were their threads and Taweez doing when all this was happening? Nothing!! Just went in the grave with them. Wake up Muslims……..


The answer lies not in hanging verses around your necks but in understanding, pondering over and exhibiting the orders mentioned in the verses.


The Qur’an was revealed to be recited and followed; its commandments to be obeyed and its prohibitions heeded, its information to be believed and its limits to be adhered to, its parables and stories to serve as lessons and not to be hanged on walls or around necks.